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Re: Bootcamp Scholarships

Postby RobertBruce » Wed Feb 12, 2014 2:12 pm

Where'd they go?

hewrop wrote:I didn't know the other angels had Diane's magic powers. :harhar:

I don't like to exercise them too much. I've a theory that we only have so many 'goes', and I don't want to waste them. :wink:
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Re: Bootcamp Scholarships

Postby hewrop » Wed Feb 12, 2014 10:37 pm

These are offered as discussion topics rather than suggestions.
If you have comments, it might be handy to refer to my numbering system rather than quote the whole post.

1. Although scholarships can only help a few, they have a number of good effects
    a. They are consistent with SSiW’s central aims.
    b. They widen access (a priority nowadays in so many areas).
    c. They increase awareness of the bootcamp process.
    d. They increase goodwill internally and externally.
    e. They provide incentives to learners who might otherwise feel excluded.
2. What should they fund? Should they cover the whole cost of bootcamp for a small number or partial cost for a larger number?
3. Potential conflict with SSi’s other fund raising activities. Relationships with existing donors and sponsors is precious and delicate. So as not to disturb these relationships, it may be safer in the fist place to keep any fund-raising within the SSi family which, of course, means drawing on their generosity again.
4. Financial administration and accountability. Advice from an accountant would be useful here and comments from Iestyn as CFO would also be valuable. I have no particular financial nous but would be happy to help with administration if necessary.
5. Allocation of scholarships. This is a sensitive issue.
    a. Who should allocate the scholarships? Perhaps one or two from the Executive Four plus one or two from different sectors of the forum community and even one outsider.
    b. How should applications be made? Should applicants supply details of financial circumstances, a statement of how they would benefit from bootcamp, a statement of the benefits to others or a combination of these? I’d be prepared to offer application templates for consideration.
    c. Should nominations with seconding support be required?
6. I believe we should be ready to accept that now may not be the right time for this idea to be implemented. Only the Executive team have a full and clear picture of how this would impact on their plans at present.
7. Other stuff I haven’t thought about.
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Re: Bootcamp Scholarships

Postby MikeEllwood » Thu Feb 13, 2014 12:03 am

Not really addressing Huw's points, but a couple of random thoughts, unrelated to each other:

1. At the risk of entering into a world of bureacracy, how about setting up a Scholarship Fund as a registered charity, so that tax could be reclaimed on money given by UK taxpayers?

(Non party-political political and slightly wicked thought: I quite like the idea of an English (probably) Chancellor of the Exchequer contributing directly to people practising and improving their Welsh).

2. I believe there is usually a break-even number of Bootcampers, which is less than the maximum of 10.
Is it currently/usually 6?

I was wondering if it would be feasible to offer places over and above the break-even number at a reduced rate to anyone who wanted to (needed to) take advantage of it. They would still have to make a case for a reduced rate, i.e. bookings wouldn't automatically be accepted on that basis.
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Re: Bootcamp Scholarships

Postby lambiek » Thu Feb 13, 2014 12:15 am

Scholarships are a good idea, in my opinion, and I would be willing to support a scholarship scheme, were it to come to fruition. You raise valid points and concerns, Huw.

Re your point 5:

From my perspective, fairness and transparency in allocation is very important, and hence a clear set of criteria for allocation is needed. Financial considerations are a priority, I think. Semi-facetiously: no need for a statement of benefits, these are self-evident :wink:

Have you given thought to a cooperative building society type of model, by which people (incl. potential candidates if they can afford it) contribute a small, fixed amount regularly, from which pool then allocations can be made from bootcamp to bootcamp? Allocations could be done via a ballot scheme, in which applications for a particular bootcamp are approved by ballot - after an initial assessment of merit, of course. Just an idea.
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