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Categories and Rules SSiW Eisteddfod 2013

Postby sumsmeister » Sun Sep 29, 2013 2:50 pm

Categories and Topics SSiW Eisteddfod 2013

Submissions accepted: from October 14th to November 4th 2013

Available Categories

Welsh language prose

Introductory - prose entries of up to 100 words for people who have not yet started Course 3 or attended Welsh for Adults classes beyond Mynediad, on the topic "Y Faner Gymraeg"

Intermediate - prose entries of up to 500 words, open to everyone, on the topic "Cerdded o gwmpas y llyn"

English language prose

Humorous prose entries up to a maximum of 1000 words on the topic "Well I wasn't expecting that!" written in English - can be based on a real incident or an imaginary humorous situation.

Welsh language poetry

Short poem - max 20 lines, free verse, on the topic "Y Gorau.."


A photograph on a Welsh theme

Visual art

Drawing, painting, electronic art, poster, on a Welsh theme


Recitation of a set poem "Hwiangerdd" by Huw Meirion Edwards
You can find the words to the poem here:

The English translation is given first, then the Welsh. Note that the link to the poem being recited is very very slow to work.

Oral Presentation

Introductory - (up to 5 minutes long) for entrants who have not yet started SSiW Course 3 or attended Welsh for Adults classes beyond Mynediad, on the topic "Dringo'r Mynydd" - any kind of mountain....

Intermediate - (up to 10 minutes long) for entrants who are on Course 3 or have attended Welsh for Adults classes beyond Myndediad, on the topic "Os oedd iaith yn aderyn"


Traditional Song - 'Lleucu Llwyd'

Lyrics available with English translation at
with an excellent version by Bryn Fon at

Cerdd Dant This is a traditional form of Welsh singing where a melody is played on a harp and the singer sings a poem to a counter melody. This is how it's described on one website:

The harp always plays a set melody – a traditional melody or a melody composed in the traditional style. The singer waits for a few bars and then sings his or her words on a counter melody, ensuring that the main accents of the metre fall on the main accents of the harp melody. The singer and harpist both have to end each verse together: the last word of each verse always falls on the main beat of the last bar in the harp melody.

We thought we'd give people a chance to be a bit creative and adventurous. The poem you use is entirely your choice as long as it's in Welsh - it could be lyrics to a Welsh song or a children's nursery rhyme if you like - the main thing is to have fun and give it a go.

Here is the harp music
to sing your counter melody to, and if you need to know more about Cerdd Dant there are examples available on YouTube to give you an idea.

General Rules

ENTRIES: The SSiW Eisteddfod is open to everyone, SSiW member or not. However, there is a limit of ONE entry per category per person. Entries will be submitted to the Submissions officer, Dafyddyfelin, who will publish them in the correct thread. (More on how to do this later)

VOTING: The winners will be decided by popular vote through a system of Online Polling threads. These will be created once the deadline for entries has passed and full instructions on how to vote will be given.

TITLES: Please give your work a title. This is very important because when the voting starts, it is handy for people to know what they're voting for. If you do not provide a title, your work will simply be named "Untitled".

BE TIMELY: The dates and times for submitting entries will be adhered to completely.

ORIGINAL MATERIAL: With the exception of the Recitation and Cerdd Dant categories, all entries must be original material, which means they must have been written, photographed, drawn, painted or created by the entrant.

PRIZES: Are still in the process of being arranged and will be announced as they become available. Details on how to claim a prize will be given to the winner after the results are announced. You will be entitled to use a specially designed icon to go in your signature on the SSiW Forum.

HAVE FUN: Yes, it's a bit of a competition, but the main aim is to enjoy using your Welsh in an imaginative and creative way.

FFUGENWAU / ANONYMOUS ENTRIES: Part of the fun of the Eisteddfod is the use of Ffugenwau, or pseudonyms, for the entrants. To preserve this tradition, when you submit your entry you will need to state the Ffugenw by which you wish to be known. The Submissions Officer will keep a record of the names and their “owners”. The use of ffugenwau will be dealt with on a first come first served basis and will be valid only for the current edition of the SSiW Eisteddfod.

QUESTIONS? Just post in the thread for Eisteddfod Questions
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