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All you need to know about Bootcamp

Postby Catrin Lliar » Sat Jun 09, 2012 3:34 pm

(please note that some of the info below may be specific to Tresaith Bootcamps only whilst the rest of the info is general to SSiW Bootcamps.)

Please Note
We won't be accepting anyone on Bootcamp who hasn't finished the SSiW introductory course, AND added vocab units. This will ensure a higher all-round standard, and a better experience for everyone. Even if people have done other courses, we'll still expect them to do SSiW introductory + vocab - advanced learners will fly through it, and it will help get everyone on the same page...:)
Diolch / Thanks!

Have a look here for ALL you need to know about Bootcamp -

A useful quote -
Tahl wrote:There's all sorts of fun reading about past Bootcamps in threads in this Bootcamp section. Look for the long threads and the threads with 'feedback' in the titles, especially. Here's a good diary kept by Catrin about the July 2011 Bootcamp (which was unusual in having both families attend):
Usually at Bootcamp there are some days of staying around Tresaith getting into trouble and some days of going out to nearby towns to conquer our fear of talking to locals. Every Bootcamp is different, and (hint) I love reading reports of what people get up to.

Do *not* worry about all of Catrin's praise in that thread of how well people spoke Welsh! As long as you have a sense of humor and a willingness to wave your hands around as needed, you will get *tons* out of Bootcamp. It sounds like you've already got the 'just do it' spirit needed. :D

What to bring to Bootcamp (this mostly relates to Tresaith) -

A word from Heledd (Tresaith shop and canolfan manager) about the Ganolfan in Tresaith where most Bootcamps are held -
Heledd ap wrote:What's included within the Canolfan 2012:

Boys dorm: 20 beds (10 bunks); 5 set of drawers to keep clothes; pillows on each bed with protectors; protectors on each mattress; 4 lamps.
Girls dorm: 20 beds (10 bunks); 3 sets of drawers to keep clothes and 2 side cabinets; pillows on each bed with protectors; protectors on each mattress; 4 lamps. This dorm has a cupboard including some duvets and linen if needed *need to know beforehand if they are to be used* - they can be borrowed by those flying over to Wales / England - under lock.

Living / Eating room: we have two new leather sofas for 2012! There is a large TV one to play DVDs.

Kitchen: the big free standing fridge has gone and two smaller ones in its place. I'd be grateful for feedback about space etc

Looking forward to welcoming you back to Tresaith or for first time visitors to Tresaith :mrgreen:

Contact details for the Ganolfan
You can call Heledd on 01239-811565 or on 07780-548288, or email her to heledd [at] - although in most cases, if you start by asking on the forum, you'll probably get all you need to know...:)

The Llong's website -

General info on Tresaith -

Getting There
The address and postcode for your Sat Nav - Siop y Traeth, Tresaith, Cardigan, Ceredigion, SA43 2JL

The ever useful AA Routeplanner -

National Rail Enquiries Journeyplanner -

Arriva Trains Wales -

National Express -

Here's a map -

View Larger Map

Some helpful info from Peter from another thread... Diolch Peter!!! :)
RedGreenInBlue wrote:There are no scheduled buses going to Tresaith. The nearest bus service I can find is the 550 (or the X50, which looks like a limited-stop service), which runs fairly regularly on a Saturday between Aberystwyth and Aberteifi (Cardigan). This passes through Tan-y-groes, from where (according to my maps) it should be a fairly pleasant walk of about 20-25 minutes into Tresaith. This bus connects in Aberteifi with another bus going to Caerfyrddin (Camarthen). Bus timetables on this page.

More general journey planner for the UK here. Don't bother searching for "Tresaith", because the search engine doesn't find anything - too small a place, I think! Search for buses to Tan-y-groes or Aberporth instead. :smile:

Here's a Google streetview of the turning in to the Canolfan -

View Larger Map

And here's one of the road going down to the beach -

View Larger Map
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