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Online encounter yn Cymraeg (Welsh gamers?)

Postby Sean_Hess » Fri Jun 28, 2013 11:43 pm

Just yesterday, my son Jake (13) encountered a Welsh speaker while gaming on-line. It has really got me thinking about expanding the arenas in which I am prepared to siarad Cymraeg.

Here's how it went down. My wife, Lisa, and my youngest son, Jake, have all been participating in the SSiW-South program, and we're on our 2nd time through Gwers 25 in Course 1 - we're just about there. We regularly speak Welsh to each other, and sometimes I make Jake join me in the Google hang-out hosted by Lynn Jencks here in the States.

Jake was playing "Star Conflict" ( yesterday, and he said in a chat room linked to the game, "Does anybody here speak Welsh?"
One of the other gamers (zead) wrote back and said, "I speak Welsh."
Jake wrote "Wyt ti'n gallu siarad Cymraeg?", and zead said, "Ydw," followed by "Where do you live?"
Jake responded that we live in Idaho, and zead asked, "How can you speak Welsh?"
Jake explained, "My dad though it would be a good idea to learn another language, and we decided to learn Welsh."

Like it or not, video games are a regular arena for interaction between young Welsh speakers, and we should help them find a way to incorporate Welsh into any activity that they might like to do.

With that in mind, would you help me come up with suitable Welsh phrases for the following:
- "Kill him"
- "Shoot him"
- "Stay back - it's gonna blow!"
- "He's right behind you!"

Diolch yn fawr,

Sean Hess
Boise, Idaho
Please feel free to correct me in whatever language I might happen to be using.
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Re: Online encounter yn Cymraeg (Welsh gamers?)

Postby Tahl » Sat Jun 29, 2013 12:24 pm

Sean_Hess wrote:- "He's right behind you!"

How about: "Tu ôl i ti !!!! :shock: " as a general-purpose "Behind you!!!!"?

How does one spell "Aiiieeeeeee!" in Welsh, anyhow?
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