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Four Days in September

Postby vyvienn » Mon Sep 14, 2009 12:11 pm

I can't believe it's been over a week already that we were "over there"! As far as trying out the Welsh goes, Cardiff is a bit of a lost cause. But of course that will change in the future, as it gets inundated with posters and business cards about this odd little site called SSIW...

Instead of friendly smalltalk at the airport, the immigrations officer gave me the third degree about my visit. I reckon it must be payback time for all the hassle US immigrations give people these days (for the record: I am NOT personally involved in devising those measures, so please just let me go see the castle already next time! :razz:). Next chance was the cab stand, but the booking officer there didn't react to my hearty "s'mae" at all, and my wonderful taxi driver Eric was unavailable. Mike was not only the non-chattiest person who's ever driven me, he also clearly didn't know any Welsh. No problem, say I, because we're going to the castle! Short of a good conversation starter, I ask the lady in the gift shop if "sut mae" isn't rather North Walian for Cardiff, when she says apologetically "I'm sorry, I don't speak any Welsh". If only I'd had my business cards then already! Next, I closely avoided making an idiot out of myself when I couldn't quite figure out how to order cawl (but it tasted... well, a bit like sheep, really. But it had rosemary in it, BIG points for that, I love rosemary!!). Finally, at the meetup with the SSIW gang, I got to say a word or two, though Aran thoroughly stumped me. Guess I'll have to give the Northern lessons a listen sometime. If I can stay awake for the slow pace... :wink: All hope faded at the Welsh banquet, because we shared our table with an English lady, her very Aussie-sounding son and her Cardiff-born husband, who hardly said a word all night. Perhaps it's a Cardiff trait? The banquet, by the way, is very highly recommended, even if it does feel a bit, well, touristy. The crew do speak (and sing) Welsh, and we were treated not only to the Welsh National Anthem, but also a wonderful rendition of Calon Lan (where is that dang accent!). It completely escapes me how that ever became a rugby anthem! :bias: Heehee.

On Saturday, I was too smitten by Tim to try out any Welsh, although Brookes was so dead, it probably would've been a good opportunity to try. And by Sunday I was simply too exhausted to even say "bore da" to the nice man at the reception at St. Fagans. In April, I will be a bit more out of the city, and dang it!, somebody WILL have to have a Welsh conversation with me. :harhar:

If anyone cares to see the pictures of our trip, please visit
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Re: Four Days in September

Postby gwiwer » Mon Sep 14, 2009 12:20 pm

I've just been enjoying your photos - recognised many of the Sain Ffagans ones but as I don't understand German (guessing it was german) didn't understand your captions but great photos all the same.
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Re: Four Days in September

Postby Aran » Mon Sep 14, 2009 1:00 pm

vyvienn wrote:Finally, at the meetup with the SSIW gang, I got to say a word or two, though Aran thoroughly stumped me.


Just say 'Siarad yn arafach!' next time...:wink:
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