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First couple of sentences...

Postby Iestyn » Wed Aug 24, 2011 9:59 am

Elthuin wrote:Just got back from a day visit to Cardiff to meet up with youngest daughter's boyfriend. We went to Barry Island (which was crowded) and then had a pizza at Pizza Hut. Her boyfriend asked how much Welsh I had learnt so far. It was the first time I have spoken Welsh to someone who speaks Welsh! It was only a couple of sentences that I felt confident to say but he was very impressed :-) He did correct me a tiny bit but I felt brilliant!!!! Will not be able to make this meet-up but maybe the next. I am still loving learning!

Blatantly stolen from another thread, but I think it deserves a celebratory thread of it's own!

Llongyfarchiadau, Elthuin: There is no such thing as "only" when it come to the first time you speak a new language with someone who speaks it naturally themselves. If he was impressed, then that is a massive bonus! Don't worry about "corrections" - if you are making important mistakes, then they will disappear as you work through the lessons. It is far more likely that you are making trivial mistakes, which are... well... trivial. The only major mistake you can make at this early stage in your Welsh speaking life is to not speak Welsh!

You'll really enjoy the Cardff meet-up. They are lovely people there, and whether you speak muillions of Welsh or two sentences, you will be welcomed and have a great time.

Thanks for sharing such an important success with us - it really helps other people to give it a go as well.

All the best

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