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Speaking Welsh last weekend - my report!

Postby LynneA » Tue Mar 01, 2011 10:30 am

Bore da pawb,

Well I'm pleased to say thanks to the confidence I have gained from SSIW I had a good weekend speaking and hearing a lot of Cymraeg yng Nghymru.

I couldn't manage a "no English" policy! It just wasn't practical as my husband hardly speaks any Welsh even though he can understand more than he admits he can. Basically if I knew how to say something in Welsh I did with a bit of "Beth yw (English word) yn Gymraeg?" thrown in when I just had one odd word I didn't know in the sentence. Then when they said things to me and it had an unfamiliar word in I could say "Beth yw (Welsh word) yn Saesneg?" (After I had looked blank and had it repeated a few times at increasing volume). Why is it whenever someone doesn't understand a language people automatically speak louder? :roll: I do it myself too.

Then when we got on to complicated things we had to speak English.

We managed to talk about things like the weather and our journey ok in Welsh, also a lot of basic things like at meal times about food, even talking about work, using the sentence constructions learnt with SSIW introductory course and I've only completed up to lesson 4 of intermediate so far. Hopefully when I've done some more intermediate it will be better still.

I watched the Cymru v Yr Eidal game on S4C with my grandparents and managed to follow a lot of the commentary and my Dadcu's own commentary too!
It was interesting to listen carefully and pick up where my relatives' Welsh varied from the SSIW taught Welsh. I didn't notice much of the nes i/nest ti/naeth e etc as they were using instead Aeth/Daeth that variety of past tense. But of course also o'n/oedd etc for "was" and "wedi" for "has".
A weird little thing now is that I'm so tuned in to Welsh that on the way back we crossed the bridge and of course the signs are no longer bilingual in England on the motorway but my brain is still popping up with "lonydd cul" and "Ewch i'ch lôn" etc when I saw the relevant signboards!

Hopefully I'll have another trip down at Easter so I must get a few more intermediate lessons completed but I just wanted to say to everyone who has the opportunity to not hold back about speaking Welsh and Diolch yn fawr eto to SSIW :D
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Re: Speaking Welsh last weekend - my report!

Postby RobertBruce » Tue Mar 01, 2011 10:38 am

Excellent! Well done. And you enjoyed yourself, which is the main thing, isn't it? :clap:
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Re: Speaking Welsh last weekend - my report!

Postby Aran » Tue Mar 01, 2011 12:01 pm

That sounds as though you did fantastically well, Lynne - llongyfarchiadau!...:star:
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