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Sort-of, somewhat, related

Postby Cer » Mon Feb 21, 2011 3:25 pm

I'm not even sure if this counts as a Welsh encounter. It definitely counts as leaving me lost. First, it involves a message board, not a conversation. Second, the other person involved has told me that he doesn't speak Welsh, he just moved to Wales some years ago. Third, when someone says they don't speak a language, will that necessarily mean they don't understand the language or, does it mean they can read or write/communicate via the language through text but not through speaking?

The situation was a Happy Birthday thread on another board. My friend posted a Happy B-day from the red dragon, complete with animated pic of said dragon holding a present. I said he was translating and gave Happy B-day in Welsh. He then wished me health and I thanked him and returned the sentiment. Then he said, "O leiaf mae'n cadw'r bobl eraill dyfalu LOL" Which gave me one of those, "Oh, is that how it's spelled!" moments for eraill. It also sent me to the translator bar for cadw and dyfalu. Of course I posed a rolling laugh smilie and a mwahaha along with ei bydd (spelling from translator bar.)

So, final point, does this count as an encounter?
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